Killing Joke

Money Is Not Our God (Hideous Remix) free flexi

Reflex Magazine - Issue 19 Sept/Oct 1991

US magazine with Julian Cope cover feature, with Killing Joke "Money Is Not Our God" Hideous Remix by Martin Atkins and VIOLENT FEMMES flexi single.

About the flexi - This flexi is an earlier demo version (recorded a year and a half ago in Steve Albini's basement studio) of the tune that later appeared on the Joke's 1990 comeback album, Extremities, Dirt and Other Repressed Emotions. Says drummer Martin Atkins of the session:"We rattled around a few ideas and (this) was one of them"

The line up on the recording was a trio of Atkins, singer Jaz Coleman and guitarist Geordie (previous/current bassist Paul Raven had yet to rejoin, so Geordie played bass as well as guitar). As Atkins notes, the bass sound is much fuzzier in this "horrendously different" rendition, which he finds an interesting and important contrast to the later LP version.

This Reflex-only "Money..." was remixed (and overlayed with additional tape manipulations) by Atkins at Chicago Trax on November 26, 1990.